Sean T. McBeth

I am a freelance software consultant in virtual reality, augmented reality, games, simulation, graphics, abstract data visualization, audio synthesis and processing, computer vision, peer-to-peer networking, desktop, Web, mobile, real-time communication, hardware prototyping, embedded systems, reporting, GIS, and relational database systems.

My current work is focused on Virtual Reality and electronics. I've successfully bootstrapped and deployed multiple VR projects for Google Cardboard and HTC Vive, as well as a few hardware prototypes in radio and wireless input devices. Before VR, I built several analytics-heavy OLTP applications for desktop, Web, and mobile Web.

My projects usually go from concept to first-version in 1-to-2-month timeframes. I emphasize open communication with stakeholders, frequent issue and user-story tracking and review, correct, normalized relational database design and simple, best-practice-based, DRY, agile software development. I maintain an extremely broad set of skills to bring to bear on your project.



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