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Sean T. McBeth


I'm a cross-disciplinary Project Manager/Technical Lead, with 20 years of professional experience. I've successfully bootstrapped and deployed multiple VR and AR projects in WebXR and Unity3D over the last 8 years.

I currently manage a team of software developers at Systems Planning and Analysis, working for the Department of Defense on building tools to manage research funding, adjudicate war games, and perform novel analysis on trends in critical supply line security and technological innovation.

I'm interested in projects in VR, AR, audio, and/or AI, especially in the productivity, training, and education markets. I live in Alexandria, Virginia, with my wife and 2 kids. I'm open to 100% remote projects anywhere, or hybrid work in the Arlington/Alexandria area.

In my free time, I dabble in AI (genetic algorithms, interfacing with OpenAI's large language models), embedded software development (Arduino and Adafruit Feather microcontrollers), photography, woodworking, and wine making. Before VR, I worked primarily on Web and desktop applications for GIS, database management and reporting (Online Transaction Processing), and industrial simulation.


Here are some of my most recent projects.

Diplomatic Language Services Virtual Reality

Screenshot of DLS VR
DLS VR is a multiuser, multimodal, Web-based VR application that includes a full, online editor, designed for subject matter experts to be able to rapidly create new immersion scenarios.
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Screenshot of Svg2Png
A simple SVG to PNG/JPEG conversion tool. I built this for "fun" while editing some logos for a family member. It supports drag-and-drop file upload, changing the background color of the image, and making minor edits to the SVG input.
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Screenshot of Woodturning
Some pictures of wooden cups and bowls I've made with my woodturning lathe.
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AI Chat Bot

Screenshot of AI Chat Bot
The AI Chat Bot uses Speech-to-Text technology and some clever prompting of an OpenAI LLM to generate characterized responses, which are then piped out to a Text-to-Speech engine, with lip-sync.
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Screenshot of Juniper
Juniper is an .NET 7 and TypeScript framework for building WebXR applications. It is an evolution of my previous project, Primrose.
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Screenshot of Calla
Calla was a fun experiment in audio-only teleconferencing. The 2D game world provided a space for "Spatialized Audio Chat" to give users a natural way to have sidebar conversations and congregate in the space. Much of the audio graph manipulation code ended up in Juniper.
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Screenshot of Primrose
Primrose was the world's first JavaScript framework for developing WebXR applications, back when WebXR was still called "WebVR". My first release of Primrose was sometime in 2014, almost a full year before Mozilla's A-Frame.
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Talks & Interviews

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